We build the communities that connect with gamers, enthusiasts, and culture.

IMPLS (say: Impulse) Entertainment aims to be the new standard in Asian esports.
We are here to strengthen the Asian esports ecosystem through exciting products and services such as events planning, consultation, content creation and our professional esports teams. We connect esports to the “real-world”.

Founded and managed by ex-professional players, cyber-athlete team managers, advertising and digital marketing gurus, IMPLS is the culmination of years of experience in the world of esports through our founding members.

IMPLS is unique in that every member of our team has significant experience since the infancy of esports. Our shared passion and dedication to the competitive gaming world are what led to the formation of IMPLS Entertainment.

The vision is to further develop the Asian esports industry, strengthening the foundations to form effective brand partnerships, and nurture the esports community as a whole. We hope you join us on this adventure.

Matt 'Djojo' Djojonegoro

Co-Founder & President
LinkedIn // Twitter
📍 Singapore

Nikhil 'nikH' Hathiramani

Co-Founder & CEO
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📍 Singapore

Harley 'dsn' Örvall

Chief Gaming Officer
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📍 Taiwan

Gad 'Psychrbbt' Tan

Design & Strategy
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📍 Singapore

Kang "kangkang" Lee

Product Management
📍 Taiwan

Alexandre 'alecks' Sallé

Head Coach
📍 Singapore

Henri 'Vampard' Oei

Content Team
📍 Singapore

Harsha "murtuswami" Ramachandran

Development Team
📍 Singapore

Aswanth 'Furious' Balu

League Operations
📍 India

Ruben 'Teki' Backx

Community Management
📍 Netherlands

Juandi 'Juandi' J

Editorial Team
📍 Indonesia