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Impulse is at the intersection of competitive esports, entertainment, and South-East Asia. We connect esports to the real world by reaching out to fans and gamers with an authentic tone of voice. We present brands to our audience in an exciting yet familiar way.

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Strengthening the VALORANT Community in Asia. Launched in 2021 with our own inaugural V2A Launch Invitational tournament, we connect the world of competitive VALORANT to an Asian audience.


A digital publication filling the void of Counter-Strike news and culture in Asia. Our community is over 150,000 members strong, with 15,000+ monthly active readers in over 40 countries.


A key instrument in our media arsenal is our online, subscription-based CS:GO league. With over 1500 matches played each month, featuring cash prizes and a loyal, enthusiastic FPS fan base.

Paper Rex™

Our esports team built with some of the most popular and most sought after players in Asia. We got started with CS:GO and have made the transition to Valorant. We are just getting started.